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VOCSN – State-of-the-art respiratory care in Boise

By April 10, 2018December 5th, 2019Services
The back and side profile of a senior women standing and looking out a window while resting her arms on a deep window sill. The text "Breathing made easier" and the Cascadia of Boise logo are on the picture.

Cascadia of Boise will offer state-of-the-art vent and trach care in the Treasure Valley. As we age, our weakened immune system is more susceptible to respiratory illnesses. The goal of respiratory therapy is to help patients maintain or improve their breathing.  Respiratory therapy services can improve the outcomes for patients, as well as help to avoid readmission to the hospital.

The VOCSN system by Ventec Life Systems is a device that provides a simple and comprehensive approach to respiratory therapy.

“Ventec Life Systems is redefining respiratory care to improve patient outcomes and reduce caregiver challenges in the hospital and home. Ventec’s leading product, VOCSN, seamlessly integrates five separate devices including a ventilator, oxygen concentrator, cough assist, suction, and nebulizer into one unified respiratory system.”(1)

State of the art respiratory therapy in the treasure valley

VOSCN Therapies

Ventilation – The VOCSN is a critical care ventilator provides invasive, non-invasive and mouthpiece ventilation. It includes different settings and modes to fit each patient’s needs.

Oxygen – The Oxygen system is up to 3 times more efficient than stationary concentrators. The equivalent of 6L per minute of oxygen is delivered to the patient during oxygen therapy.

Cough – The cough therapy in the VOCSN allows a patient to combine ventilation, cough and suction into just one unit, and at the touch of a button. By combining these therapies, the gaps and misconnection in ventilation therapy are reduced, providing a safer solution for patients.

Suction – The suction system is a quiet and effective way to provide suction and airway clearance in a controlled manner.

Nebulizer – The nebulizer allows medication to be administered easily and accurately. VOCSN automatically compensates the airflow when other therapies are being used.

For those who know respiratory conditions, you know the importance of these different therapies. VOCSN gives us the advantage of being able to customize our respiratory care. We are able to use all 5 therapies or a mix of any of the therapies depending on our patients’ needs.(1) Our respiratory therapists will work with a patient’s physicians and occupational and physical therapists to determine the best fit therapy solution. Using the latest technology, Cascadia of Boise is able to provide a high level of care and give our patients a better quality of life.