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Respiratory care at Cascadia of Boise

Respiratory Ventilator Unit at Cascadia of Boise

Cascadia of Boise focuses on patient-centered therapy services. Our Nampa and Boise facilities house the only NeuroGyms in the state. NeuroGym is a state-of-the-art system that allows the user to initiate movement rather than the system itself, rewiring the brain and speeding the recovery process.

Cascadia of Boise offers 24-hour respiratory care coverage to meet you or your loved one’s respiratory needs. Our Skilled Respiratory Therapists will work under the direction of Physicians and Physician Extenders to provide the best possible outcome. The clinical team, consisting of the Physician, Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, and Rehabilitative Therapy Staff will work together for success in each plan of care.

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